Who we are


Simple and sophisticated are the hallmarks of our brand ELIZABETHPAULINS. From Planners and bespoke stationary to home decors to interiors we cater to liven up your mood, your home and your workstation. 



Well, it all started back in 2008, When Blessy F Paulin, a diligent  and energetic college student, set out to create a prefect life for her. But things didn’t go how she had planned. Life took crazy turns, took her to different paths. It was easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed and being pulled in a zillion directions, pushed her to start the journey of self development and intentional living. Bringing about a change is not easy, but conscious effort, set goals and practice can do wonders. It helps you find focus and balance in life.

Being a daughter of a philanthropist, she was always trained to put the needs of others before hers. GIVE and INSPIRE were the motto of her house. With all experience she had gathered, she combined her palettes in an entirely different way, and so ELIZABETHPAULINS was born in 2018.

ELIZABETH is her mother’s name and PAULIN is hers. This brand combines fresh, crisp and vibrant touch with playful sophistication and modern sensibility to encourage and inspire a personal style that is elegant and beautiful. 

In 2018, the launch of SpreadTheJoy daily planner turned the tables, the planners were sold in a jiffy even before it hit the market. Shortly after, the philanthropist in her took the helm, she launched a program where the profit percentage of every product sold goes towards children education, girls education to be specific. 

Our exuberant approach to everyday things and our passion to share and inspire joy gives a new meaning to our brand ELIZABETHPAULINS

Let us make your happiness and joy contagious