How to enhance productivity with spreadthejoyplanner

The purpose of a planner is to simplify your life, to encourage you to focus on precious moments in your life before it slips out. When you start appreciating the bits and bobs, joy overloads then everything you do will reflect that. Regardless of what you do or what you want to achieve, at the end of the day, we all want to feel joy, happiness and satisfaction.

This Spread the Joy planner incorporates 4 E's (Envision, Execute, Evaluate, Establish). These 4Es are crucial for a happier and a more fulfilled life.


  1. Envision

            This section will help you concentrate and focus on specific life goals. Be sure that every goal has a specific purpose and a realistic timeframe

-           Life Goals : designed to define of what you want achieve in life and how you want to achieve it.

-           SMART goals : drafted to encourage you to create specific measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound goals.

-           Financial Goal & Checklist : formulated to establish clear financial goals so everything that you always hoped would happen when your finances become reality.


  1. Execute

-           Focus things by month

                        It's an overview of the month so note down things that are important and not your entire groceries list. You can use stickers or draw icons to remind you the tasks.

-           Focus Things by the day

                        Start the day with positive and inspirational thoughts you will glide through the day effortlessly.  Be precise when you Plan your schedules, to do and meals, don't overload. End each day with gratitude and positive affirmations that will make tomorrow better than today.


  1. Evaluate

            The reason we have included evaluation pages to make the reflection process more visible and more meaningful to you. Both Spending log and Reflections page gives in depth understanding of the path you are in so that your each step gets closer to the goal.


  1. Establish

            "its not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. it's what we do consistently" - Tony Robbins.

            Establish a routine - routines will make you love the life you have now and will also help you to create the life of your dreams.


P.S. The purpose of this planner is to inspire you to design a simple life thus said the space provided for each task is limited and more structured so lay back, cherish and tackle one thing at a time




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